22 October, 2014

Sponsorship Agilar


We’re proud to announce one more year that Agilar will be sponsoring Agile-Spain Conference 2014.

Why Agilar?

That are, on their own words, the reasons that take them to decide collaborate at CAS:

We help organizations and their people to collaborate, improve and get things done. We do it by helping them learn, understand and implement Agile and Lean methodologies such as Scrum and Kanban. Our goal is:

Improving your mondays

Our way of working is fairly straightforward. Assuming you don’t know already what you’re looking for, we will assess where you stand regarding your understanding and adoption of Agile & Lean methods. Whether you are completely new to this or you already have a mature implementation that is stagnating, we will make you a recommendation on how to move forward.

With this goal in mind, CAS2014 sponsorship is the next step. The conference where we feel like ours, that is trying to change the way we work. Our members has been working for a long time in community events, and this year we want to be supporting community again.

We hope CAS2014 improves also your mondays.