19 octubre, 2014

Sesión (50′) – Delivery at Scale – Adrian Perreau de Pinninck, Manu Cupcic – English

Have you ever wondered how large software companies with an engineering culture make sure they are able to deliver software over and over to production? How do you coordinate 100+ software engineers so that there are no bottlenecks and quality is not compromised?

In this talk you will see how a Continuous Delivery system was implemented at Criteo, the fastest growing IT company in EMEA 2012. Before starting the project there were 160+ code repositories with dependency hell. They were being built independently and releases to production were error prone and painful. You will see the technical architecture behind a successful implementation of a Continuous Delivery system. The system was made up of a Gerrit code review tool connected to a Jenkins build pipeline, building 160 repositories with over 7M lines of code.

We will explore different architectural choices such as branching system, hot fixes, sandbox and pre-production environments, and how these were developed and used by the large R&D department.

Authors: Adrian Perreau de Pinninck, Manu Cupcic