19 octubre, 2014

Sesión (50′) – Building a Product Backlog from Scratch – Frederico Figueiredo – English

I recently joined an established company with an existing product, customers, team members, and a well-defined growth plan to deliver a large-scale version of the product in 5 months. Although there was a clear vision on what to build, the actual knowledge was spread across different documents, excel files, notes, and team members. There was no common understanding. In other words, no product backlog to guide the team to a successful delivery. In this talk we will overview techniques that you can adapt to your own needs to populate, estimate and prioritize a backlog for a large-scale product. We will not focus on the theory behind creating backlogs. Instead, we will take a close look into a real-case scenario where known and existing methods were adapted and integrated to build a backlog in less than a week.

Autor: Frederico Figueiredo