19 octubre, 2014

Sesión (50′) – Removing friction. Providing transparency: lessons learned building a price comparison engine for 2 years – David Bonilla – English

We created Otogami.com, a video games price comparison engine, trying to apply the agile principles that we live and love to the our business model.

Our users are always in the center of our design and development process and we tried to build relationships with them instead of transactions. We also believed that just being transparent and neutral would be enough added value to fight with our competence. We were wrong.

In this talk, you’ll learn how a agile company have tried to build a profitable business, have failed and have adapted to the consumers demand after a tough reality check.

New products, partnerships with third parties, being funded, recruitment processes, remote work, looking for right metrics, launching on other countries… an emotional rollercoaster of 45m. Fasten your seatbelts !!!


Author: David Bonilla