25 noviembre, 2014

Sesión (20′) – Agile & KPIs – Pedro Gustavo Torres – English

KPIs are definitely one of the most controversial topics on agile right now.

The scrum guide doesn’t tell anyone anything about it but regardless of the companies being willing to embrace agile and lean the truth is that they all “need” KPIs.

After all everything should / needs to be measure in order to get some sense of assurance on the quality of the work that is being done.

Usually KPIs tend to go around velocity, points committed vs points delivered, etc.

In my opinion the KPIs above are only measuring the ability of your teams to guess effort / duration of tasks.

Is that what the companies are looking for? Is that how you should measure the success of a team?

What if the team doesn’t estimate at all? What happens to those KPIs?


Author: Pedro Gustavo Torres