19 octubre, 2014

Sesión (20′) – Managing Change – Jaume Jornet – English

Managers have two fundamental responsibilities into organisation:

  1. Deliver the performance expectations of today
  2. Prepare the organisation for the changing requirements of tomorrow

Both are challenging. Both require focused effort and specific skills.

In this speech, I want to present three sets structures to consider the second part of a manager’s responsibility – managing change. I summarise the ideas I want to share at attached document, due size restriction on this abstract field.

The expected outcome of the speech is to provide managers with a basic training on managing change, so they will be able to face it with confidence. The opposite, fear to change due ignorance of how to manage and deal with it, usually becomes in resistance to adopt changes in organisations, perpetuating old practices instead on embracing new ones.


Author: Jaume Jornet