19 octubre, 2014

Sesión (20′) – Promoting Agility in Civil Service trough DevOps: The British Government case – Jerónimo Palacios – Spanish/English

British Government’s agencies are no different from other Civil Service departments in the world. They have to bring services to citizens and they have to do it in a savvy manner. This challenge requires dealing with many vendors as they don’t have the internal capability nor the infrastructure to deal with projects. The stories about millions wasted in failed projects are not new either.

British Government however, decided to create the Government Digital Service, that ideated an Agile framework to make sure all agencies followed the same rules and more important, to bring and promote Agility internally and externally with vendors. We’ll discuss the strategy adopted in one of this agencies, within a multi-million transformation program that involved hundreds of people.

Autor: Jerónimo Palacios