19 octubre, 2014

Sesión (20′) – The Art of Working Together – Peter Moreno – English

Peter Moreno, Integral Coach, Agile Coach and with a large experience as Product Owner would like to share a particular perspective with regards to the Art of Working together.

Inspired by tools such as The Enneagram (9 personality types), Non-violent communication, Mindfulness and the Integral Framework wants to offer a Master Class on what it takes to work together, getting into positive agreements, practicing listening, understanding each other native perspectives and conflict resolution.

This talk will open-up new perspectives on how to generate a positive team environment. Proven practices will be shared to make this happen. If you are looking for practical and efficient solutions on how to support your teams and make them working together in a more healthy way, this is the talk for you.

Structure of the Talk
1. Introduction – Experience at Belgacom / Brussels, Belgium
2. The Art of Working Together
3. Key elements for a positive team atmosphere
4. Practice to contribute and sustain a healthy working environment
5. Conclusions, feedback, closing

Author: Peter Moreno