19 octubre, 2014

Sesión (20′) – Agile Personal Development at Softonic – Jaume Durany – English

Motivated by putting people first and empowering the team by promoting continuous improvement, we introduce the challenge we had the pleasure to face since the beginning of 2013 in one of our development teams at Softonic.

Softonic (www.softonic.com) was founded in 1997 with the mission to help people discover and enjoy software to enhance their lives. Since the very beginning the company has maintained a set of core values that have led it to be a creative, flexible and stimulating environment for new initiatives.

In CAS2014 we would love to share the agile personal development methodology we have been defining, applying and evolving during the last two years to make our teams achieve a remarkable motivation increase that has positively affected their commitment and productivity.

The methodology is focused on personal continuous improvement and on sharing constructive feedback between all the parts involved (technical lead, developer, coach and the team). In this agile personal development we take into account one’s interests to offer precise actions that have a positive impact on the major areas for improvement and we keep it opened as a life profile that continuously evolves led by the feedback shared between the developer and other participants.

All the presentation would be based on a real case study: the effect of applying the methodology to our Search Marketing team, sharing how we applied the methodology and the results we have achieved so far with significant changes in the maturity, motivation and technical knowledge of the team.

Finally, we would also like to share with the audience next steps we envision to keep improving this approach as well as some actions we have already applied as a result of all the feedback collected.


Author: Jaume Durany